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We don’t sell you a property but we can help you choose and decide from the inventory of our accredited real estate developers. All properties are their brand new projects and we do not offer any re-sales from the secondary market on this site. It is you who sells yourself a property from the active inventory of these developers as your very own agent so you can save some money. We provide you step by step instructions. We will process and book your property purchase for you, direct to your chosen developer. It’s just like having your own agent and staff. You only need to make sure that all your requirements are complete and all your forms are fully filled out when you submit them to us. You are in total control of your account.


Do you need a bank loan to mortgage an existing property or for this new investment you are searching for? We have a wide list of tie-ups with the largest Philippine banks. We deal directly with the main offices and the heads of their loan departments. No need for you to make a trip to meet a branch officer. We provide you the list of banks and their application docs which you just need to completely fill out, scan, and submit to us along with all the requirements. We submit them all for you and the banks will call you directly. Apply for a loan wherever you are in the world. This service is free.

Rent & Sell

Are you buying this property to rent out or re-sell later? Or perhaps you have an existing property that you would want to lease or sell? We can help you out. We have a wide network of brokers who are looking for properties to move. Your property may fit their requirements.

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Need a home mortgage for an existing property or a new home?

Rent to Own

Some of our properties

Be your own agent

We have a system that simplifies the entire process for you, wherever you are in the world.

  • We provide you complete property info
  • Follow our step by step instructions
  • You can pay the developer directly
  • Service your own account
  • Contact us for support

Do you want to…

Submit your documents to the developer's office with us?

...or get you a property from a developer not in our site?

Be our Affiliate …

Global Coverage

Work from anywhere in the world and run your own business at your convenience, whether full time or part time. Imagine travelling the world and having an income from your business that you manage on the beach front or your mountain villa. This is the freedom the digital frontier offers!

Backend Support

We provide back end support to process all the sales documentation of your clients. All you need to focus on is your front end marketing so you can grow your client base. We do the dirty work for you. Experience your new age, semi automated business!

Business Development

We provide you reports, regular tips, guidance and trainings on how you can grow your business to help you move faster and hit your targets in the bullseye, all in the comfort of your hand held device. Learning to run your business has never been this pampered and accessible. Welcome to the digital world!

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… or get a Franchise

Sales Commissions

Are you a PRC licensed broker? If so, we can offer you the full broker’s commissions given by our accredited developers. We provide you the means to take your business to the next level.

Affiliate System

We provide an affiliate system for networkers to market your site for you. You get leads from all their efforts. We can provide you leads or you can build your own staff. This is the best way to get word out about your business. Welcome to the 21st century!

Full Digital Exposure

We provide you a professionally designed website that is set up specifically to the nature of your business. Just add your content and inventory. After that, aside from your listings displaying on your web site, they are all automatically uploaded, removed, and updated to a Philippine multiple listing system along with the listings of other franchisees and licensed brokers. As another bonus, all your listings are also automatically uploaded, removed, or edited in a main portal for buyers and brokers around the world. If you are based outside the Philippines, we support popular mls feeds. This is professional networking at its finest!

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What our clients say

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James Stevens Developer@yahoo.com

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John Doe CEO@google.com

About us

  • PRC Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • PRC Licensed Real Estate Consultant
  • Licensed International Property Consultant
  • Accredited PRC Lecturer
  • Member Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards
  • Member Philippine Association of Real Estate Consultants
  • Member Chamber of Real Estate Builder's Association
  • Member Housing Land Use Regulatory Board
  • SEC Registered Company

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