Are you looking for a loan to mortgage this property you are searching for? Or perhaps get a loan for another property? We can help you out!

In getting these loans, it is very important to remember that your income, credit, and risk profile will determine your loan rates. Not the published loan rates of the banks.

As we have affiliations with the largest banks in the industry and we deal directly with the head offices and not the branches. We can help you apply for loans for FREE and help you get approved.

As a guide, we have a mortgage calculator on the right side. You may input 6.5% just as a rough average and estimate for a loan and then input the rest of the fields. For pre-selling properties, an average down payment of 20% of the total selling price is required. For re-sale properties, an average down payment of 40% - 50% of the total price is required. 

Please click the banks below, download their forms, and email back to us which we will submit to the head office for you. The banks will directly call you afterwards. We try our best to try to get you the lowest rates and an approval.